West Beach

    The West Beach neighborhood is a small but remarkable part of Santa Barbara’s oceanfront development. It encompasses less than a square mile between the Mesa, the 101 Freeway, the Funk Zone, and the ocean. And yet, it includes Santa Barbara City College, the Santa Barbara Harbor and Waterfront, Leadbetter Beach, West Beach, Pershing Park, and dozens of fine hotels, inns, restaurants, and shops. From fresh seafood to Fourth of July fireworks, softball leagues, surfing, sailing, concerts and live theater, just about every kind of recreation and relaxation under the sun is happening in the West Beach neighborhood, making it a favorite destination for locals and tourists alike.

    Residential real estate in West Beach has been built densely to make the most of its highly desirable location. Most properties have been developed as multi-unit complexes of condominiums and apartments. A handful of single family homes do exist however, mainly in Santa Barbara’s cottage or Spanish styles. Many owners of both multi-unit and single-family homes have chosen to lease their properties as vacation rentals, while some others use their property as a second home for vacationing. It is no wonder, as real estate in West Beach is located in the midst of everything that makes the Santa Barbara vacation lifestyle.

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