Santa Barbara Wine Country

    Santa Barbara County has a history of grape growing and winemaking more than two centuries old, with beginnings in the Mission Era of Spanish settlement. In the years since the Prohibition was repealed, particularly over the last fifty years, the county has experienced a revolutionary emergence as a world-class wine region, rivaling not only Napa and Sonoma Valleys but also garnering respect and acclaim in Europe. Innovative growers have nurtured the soil and vines to develop wines with tantalizing characteristics, unique to the microclimate in which they are grown.

    Santa Barbara Wine Country

    Santa Barbara Wine Country is now home to more than 100 wineries, producing premium wines from over 65 varietals that are grown in vineyards covering over 20,000 sunbathed acres. Even with the region’s recent overnight fame from the Hollywood movie Sideways, local wineries maintain a balance of luxurious sophistication with an honest, rural charm, traditional techniques with modern innovation, and a handcrafted, artisanal approach with an ever-increasing market demand. Local residents and visitors delight in the myriad of wineries open for tasting and tours, not only in the valleys themselves but along downtown Santa Barbara’s urban wine trail of tasting rooms (see below).

    Santa Barbara

    Jaffurs Wine Cellars | 805.972.7003

    Meridan Vineyards | 805.237.6000

    Santa Barbara Winery | 800.225.3633

    Santa Ynez

    Bridlewood Winery | 800.467.4100

    Gainey Vineyard | 805.688.0558

    LinCourt Vineyards | 805.688.8381

    Sunstone Winery | 800.313.9463


    Blackjack Ranch Winery | 805.686.9922

    Buttonwood Farm Winery | 800.715.1404

    Daniel Gehrs Wines | 805.688.0558

    Foley Estates Winery | 805.688.8554

    McKeon-Phillips Wines | 805.688.6821

    Monrovino Vineyards | 805.347.1272

    Presidio Winery | 888.930.9463

    Rideau Vineyards | 805.688.0717

    Rusack Vineyards | 805.688.1278


    Hitching Post Wines | 805.688.0676

    Mosby Winery | 800.706.6729


    Babcock Vineyards | 800.275.8138

    Santa Maria

    Byron Winery  | 888.303.7288

    Cambria Winery | 888.339.9463

    Cottonwood Canyon Winery | 805.937.9063

    Foxen Vineyard | 805.937.4251

    IO Wines | 888.303.7288

    Rancho Sisquoc Winery | 805.934.4332