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Real Estate. Real Impact. | Winter 2017

The Zia Group is committed to making an impact in Santa Barbara and around the world, using real estate as a vehicle for that impact. As we have highlighted in previous newsletters, we are investing in communities and causes around the world by giving 25% of Zia Group profit to help meet the needs of those around us. We are also committed to giving back with our time as our team volunteers both locally and internationally with a number of different organizations.

From our team helping to stock shelves and organize cans at Unity Shoppe, to supporting vulnerable women and children in Ethiopia, we pride ourselves in putting people first.

unityshoppelogoUnity Shoppe operates a “Free Store” where low-income, qualified clients can “shop” for everything from food to children’s toys to professional clothing. This helps maintain each family’s dignity while eliminating wasteful giving. This model also helps local families avoid welfare dependency and homelessness. Daniel recently participated in the Unity Shoppe’s annual telethon, a major fundraiser for their activities.

In Ethiopia we continue to support vulnerable women and children, helping to empower them to fPrintind opportunities where they can thrive. With counseling, skill training, and after school care for children, the women we are been supporting in Ethiopia are able to provide for their family and we are receiving incredible updates on how these families are thriving.

Zia Group Impact Collaborative Update

As we mentioned in kids-playing-unity-shoppeour summer newsletter, last September the Zia Group committed to matching up to $5,000 of donations made to organizations supporting Santa Barbara Education. We had an incredible response, both from clients and other members of our community. We collaborated with over 40 different families in Santa Barbara, who cumulatively donated over $20,000 to Santa Barbara Education. Because of these amazing results, we decided to match $10,000 to a few local organizations dedicated to the education of our kids and youth in Santa Barbara. This means that over $30,000 poured into our local education systems at the start of this school year! We are incredibly excited about these results and look forward to seeing our education system in Santa Barbara continue to grow and improve.

If you are actively engaged with any organization dedicated to supporting, encouraging, and changing the lives of women and children in vulnerable situations, please let us know! We would love to hear about why you support the causes and organizations you do as we partner with you to make a bigger impact in our communities.



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