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Higher Education in Santa Barbara

Many colleges and universities have been founded in the Santa Barbara area. Their diversity of size is matched by their diversity of programs available for study: everything from philosophy to photography, oceanography to oriental medicine can be explored and mastered. These programs attract students from all over the nation and the world, making Santa Barbara a center for the best and the brightest in many fields. While in school, many students find the local companies and organizations great places to work for a summer job or an internship. And graduates often desire to stay in the area, adding their fresh knowledge and energy to enterprise and education in Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara offers a broad range of career opportunities, from non-profits to major international companies.

While the most well-known higher education institution is the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), below is a list of all higher education institutions in the Santa Barbara area. Click on any of the names to learn more about them.

Antioch University – Santa Barbara

Brooks Institute of Photography

The Fielding Institute

Pacifica Graduate Institute

Santa Barbara Business College

Santa Barbara City College

Santa Barbara College of Law

Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine

Southern California Institute of Law

University of California, Santa Barbara

University of California, Santa Barbara – International Programs

University of California, Santa Barbara Extension

Westmont College