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Ojai Real Estate

The town of Ojai is situated inland between the major cities of Santa Barbara, which is 40 miles to the north, and Los Angeles, which is 80 miles to the south. Ojai is only a short commute to nearby Ventura, about 20 minutes, and the surrounding coastal area. The Ojai community (population 8,000) is home to families of all ages as well as many retired residents who enjoy the abundance of arts, stunning mountain views, and a cool climate. The peaceful valley is complete with coffee shops, shows, festivals, bookstores, and restaurants to enjoy with friends. The town of Ojai neighbors the stunning recreational area of Lake Casitas, which hosts a myriad of outdoor activities including camping, boating, fishing, rowing, disc golfing, and biking. This beautiful setting is also a favorite of local artists and commercial media producers.

The Ojai Unified School District boasts strong education programs at the elementary, junior high, and senior high levels. Nordhoff is the district’s top high school and was recently commended by a California accreditation team for high quality teacher collaboration, excellent outreach to parents, and powerful learning. Private schools with long traditions of excellence are also abundant in the area.

Ojai’s known history begins with the inhabitation of the Chumash Indians. The area eventually became a Spanish land grant, one of many given along California’s coast. In 1837, Ojai became a cattle ranch owned by Fernando Tico. After being sold to oil prospectors in 1853, the area became settled and the city of Nordhoff was founded in 1874 (Nordhoff was later renamed Ojai when Nordhoff was deemed “too German” after World War I). Ojai’s major turning point came through the leadership of a man named Edward Libbey. Libbey loved the beautiful valley and helped finance, design, build, and expand the existing town. Most of this expansion still exists today, including a Spanish-style arcade.

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