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Montecito Real Estate

Montecito is an exclusive and unincorporated part of Santa Barbara County, just east of the city of Santa Barbara. Census data stated a population of just under 9,000 inhabitants in 2010. Given its private and picturesque location between the mountains and ocean, Montecito is home to some of the most extraordinary homes and properties in the country, as well as some of the most well-known celebrities. Actors, authors, athletes, politicians, and tycoons all call Montecito home.

Despite its small area, Montecito offers a host of diverse living options. Landscapes range from beachfront to mountaintop, creek-side settings shrouded in oak trees to sunny avocado orchards, and even a few cattle ranches. The homes available vary just as much; everything from low maintenance condominiums to multiple-dwelling estates and compounds can be found within Montecito’s borders.

Montecito Homes for Sale

In the past couple of years, home prices in Montecito have ranged from $550,000 to well over $20 million. Montecito condominiums and townhomes have sold for $550,000 to just over $2.5 million, while small Montecito cottages have sold starting at $725,000. Buyers should keep in mind that it is quite difficult to find homes or estates under $1 million.

Famous Architects in Montecito

Examples of several famous architects’ work can be found throughout Montecito. Perhaps the most prolific would be George Washington Smith, whose Spanish Revival Colonial homes can be seen in every part of Montecito. Smith designed more than 80 homes in Santa Barbara County alone, though his work spanned across the country. Other architects whose work can be found in Montecito include Frank Lloyd Wright, Bertram Goodhue and Wallace Neff, among others.

Attractions in Montecito include world-renowned getaways and a few best-kept secrets. The Four Seasons Biltmore and Coral Casino at Butterfly Beach offer world-class lodging, dining and spa opportunities. For a more out-of-the-way experience, the San Ysidro Ranch offers upscale guest cottages in the Montecito foothills. The Montecito Country Club gives golfers a challenging course with stunning ocean and mountain views. Of course, Montecito’s natural beauty stands on its own, as evidenced by its local beaches, hiking trails, and hot springs.

Montecito Schools

Montecito is home to many great schools, providing elementary, undergraduate, and graduate studies. Cold Spring School and Montecito Union provide education for young students, as well as Laguna Blanca Lower School and the Crane Country Day School. Westmont College, Pacifica Graduate Institute, and Brooks Institute also reside in Montecito, offering opportunities for further learning.