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Eastside Real Estate

The Santa Barbara Eastside is that area of downtown that is east of State Street. It extends from East Beach up to E. Constance Avenue, bordered on the northeast by the Riviera neighborhood and foothills. Like the Westside, the Eastside can be further divided into more homogenous sections. These would include East Beach, along the waterfront, the lower Eastside—those streets south of about Anapamu Street—and the upper Eastside—locations from Anapamu up to E. Constance.

The Eastside is convenient to all of the shops and restaurants of the downtown Santa Barbara area. Additionally, shopping, dining, and businesses are located throughout the Eastside. One of the larger concentrations is along Milpas Street. Running the gamut from the Santa Barbara County Bowl concert venue at one end of the street to beachfront hotels at the other, Milpas provides just about any service one might require, including produce stands, car repair shops, and optometrists. Restaurants range from Thai food to world-famous taquerias (La Super-Rica). Recent initiatives in the community are making the neighborhood more walkable than ever, a boon to this more level area of the city which promises to become one of the most accessible and walker-friendly neighborhoods in Santa Barbara.

The crown jewel of the Eastside is the Old Mission Santa Barbara, founded in 1786 and gracing the upper Eastside neighborhood with her regal profile, ongoing parish ministry, and public offerings such as educational tours, festivals, and beautiful rose gardens.

All sorts of real estate can be found on the Eastside, and home prices can vary dramatically, For instance, the Lower Eastside is one of the least expensive neighborhoods in town, while the upper Eastside boasts many large and historical estates in many different styles and is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Santa Barbara. The lower Eastside includes mostly small, entry level homes, several condominium complexes, and some multi-family properties that can work well as income properties or shared family living situations. Resort-style condominiums are also available only a stone’s throw from East Beach where you can live the Santa Barbara “vacation lifestyle”.