Goleta Beachfront & Oceanfront Homes

    Oceanfront homes are available in a few enclaves in the Goleta area. However, there are really no true beachfront homes in the Goleta area, since these homes are built up on bluffs overlooking the beaches. This demonstrates the difference that is meant between beachfront and oceanfront: beachfront homes are directly on the beach—the “toes in the sand” sort of homes, while oceanfront homes, by contrast, may have unobstructed views of the beach but are not directly adjacent to them. The areas of oceanfront homes in Goleta include a few streets near the “More Mesa” region, as well as some homes in Isla Vista. However, each of these offer only a handful of oceanfront homes, making this type of property in Goleta quite rare—rarer still to see on the market.

    Oceanfront Homes in Goleta

    Accessed by taking Patterson Avenue south as far as possible, homes adjacent to the so-called More Mesa region sit atop bluffs overlooking the beautiful Santa Barbara Channel. The homes on the south side of Dorwin Lane and Austin Road have especially sweeping ocean views and private shared access to the beach. Just to give you an idea of the rarity of these homes being on the market, in the past five years only four sales have taken place on these two streets. And of those, only two were on the truly oceanfront side of the street! Most of the oceanfront homes in this part of Goleta will start in the $2 million range.

    Oceanfront Isla Vista properties

    Oceanfront homes in Isla Vista, found along the south side of Del Playa Drive, overlook the ocean from atop the bluffs. As noted on our Isla Vista page, most of the homes in this area by the beach are used as income properties, rented to students attending UC Santa Barbara. But even college students recognize the appeal of oceanfront property and expect to pay a premium in these locales. Again, in Isla Vista, only four sales in the past five years demonstrate the rarity of these homes on the market. Oceanfront properties on Del Playa will start in the high $900k’s.

    If you are considering an oceanfront property in Goleta, or anywhere in the Santa Barbara area, it is imperative to research the specific erosion rate of the parcel you are considering purchasing. Erosion rates can differ dramatically from very little to 5-6 inches of lost bluff front per year.  Some oceanfront homes in Isla Vista are dramatic examples: concrete patios can be found extending out several feet past the edge of the bluff where the hillside has been eroded away underneath it.

    Contact Daniel Zia by phone (805-637-7148) or email to discuss oceanfront properties in Goleta, or any beachfront and oceanfront locales in the Santa Barbara area. He would be happy to give you more information about this niche in the Goleta and Santa Barbara real estate market.