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Global Property Specialist

The Zia Group is a part of the Keller Williams Global Property Specialist program. What does this mean for you as a Seller?

Global Reach for Your Listing

Global Property Specialists have an extended reach to international buyers. Our listings are sent to, which is known as the “International MLS.” Proxio translates listings into the native languages of over 100 countries. Additionally, listings are sent to over 80 of the world’s top listing websites in various countries around the globe (China, Russian, Mexico, Spain and more). Over 500,000 international agents are also scouring these websites looking for properties for their buyers.

Why Does it Matter?

In 2013, one out of every twelve properties sold in the U.S. was an international transaction. Commonly, international buyers pay cash for their purchases and their price point is higher. Over $92 billion dollars were spent in the U.S. by international buyers in 2013. Over 1/3rd of that was right here in California. Buyers are looking for good investments, relaxing vacation spots and homes for their children attending Universities. Santa Barbara’s unique attributes put it at the crossroads of those lists, making it an ideal location for overseas shoppers.