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Fall Decorating Tips

Make your home feel cozy and encourage your dinner party guests to linger longer around the table. These home decorating tips will add a sweet autumn ambiance to your home without a lot time, effort, or cost.

  • Swap your lightweight summer throw pillows for velvet ones in darker, richer shades (think pumpkin, russet, gold, or plaid) to make your home feel warm and cozy.
  • With shorter days, add a couple extra table lamps or candles to give off a soft glow.
  • Fill a wide-mouth vase with dry beans or peas and add acorns, artichokes, and squash to the top.
  • Encourage dinner party guests to linger longer at your table by adding a comfortable cushion and coordinating pillow to your dining chairs.
  • Store mini pumpkins under your favorite cake dome.
  • Make your own napkin rings by drilling holes through acorns or other large nuts and running a thick piece of wire through them to create a circle.
  • Turn an empty frame into a menu board using chalkboard paint. Use it to display the menu for a dinner party or to write notes to your family and friends.
  • Fill an oversized woven basket with cozy blankets so you and your guests can stay warm and comfortable.

If you have some of your own favorite ideas, let us know!

Fall Decorating Tips

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